Dvora Morag is an inter-disciplinary artist, born in Israel (1949), and based in Tel-Aviv, where she also teaches sculpture at the Kibbutzim College of Education Technology and the Arts. She is a mother to Adi and Hadar.

Morag is primarily engaged in installations of paintings, sculptures, three dimensional objects and sound. In her artistic work, she strives to explore the intricate relationship between domestic and public spaces through reconstruction of memory. 


She completed her M.Ac degree in Biology, studied at Bat-Yam Art Institute, qualified in Chinese painting in Seoul, Korea, and graduated from Hamidrasha College of Art in Ramat Hasharon. Morag has had numerous solo exhibitions in Israel and abroad. Her studio is based in Kiryat Hamelacha, Tel Aviv. 

Solo Exhibitions

2017  "Vision Tests", Haifa Museum of Art

2015 " Unrest", Curator Irena Gordon, Artist House Gallery, Tel – Aviv.

2014 "The (non) Domestic Poem," Curator: Ktzia Alon, Artist House Jerusalem

2014  "And thus shalt tell Your Daughter", Zochrot, Tel-Aviv, curator: Ktzia Alon

2013  "Baking Yeast", Dana Gallery, Kibutz Yad Mordechai, curator: Ravit Harari

2010 “History of Silence”. Artist House Gallery, Tel – Aviv.

2009 "Children, Children, please come home", Installations, Municipal Art  Gallery, Rishon-Le-Zion.

2007 "Chronicles", Installations, Municipal Art Gallery Kfar-Saba

2006 “slip of the tongue”, Gallery, Givat-Haim

2005 "The princess on the pea", Installation in the display window at Tova Osmann Gallery, Tel – Aviv.

2004 “Contractions”, small works Installation Artist House Gallery, Tel – Aviv.

2003 “Landscape Image 3”, Ashdod Museum of art. Ashdod

2003 “Landscape Image 2”, Bat-Yam Museum of Art. Bat-Yam

2002 “Happy Holidays” Succoth Shoham

2001 “Landscape Image”, Nachshon Gallery,kibutz Nachshon.

2000 “Line to line” , Tova Osmann Gallery, Tel – Aviv.

2000 “Model apartment”, installation, Old Jaffa.

1999 “Friendship”, “Habama” theater, Jerusalem

1998 “Duo installation” Artist Pavilion Gallery, Tel – Aviv.

1997 “First you see darkness – light works” Ashdod Museum of Art.

1966 “Self portrait “, Constant Gallery, Ramat-gan

1996 “Do not eat with open mouth”, Artist gallery, Rishon-le-zion.

1996 “Orientation” The Third Eye Gallery, Hasollelim.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017, "Paper Art Biennale", Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv

2016 - 2017, "Wire(less) Connections", Israel Museum Jerusalem Curator: Daniella Shalev

            DADA 100 at the Janco-Dada Museum, curator: vera pilpol

           "In Between", Florentin 45 Gallery, curators: Gilat Nadivi, Vera Pilpol

2015 "Present   Time Allegories", contemporary sculptures, Tel-Aviv Artist House

            Curator: Irena Gordon

            Artist Wall, Art space Tel-Aviv, Curator: Dalia Danon

          "Beuys, Beuys, Beuys", Binyamini Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2014 "Two on Richter Scale", Florentin 45 Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2013 "Woven Consciousness",Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv, curator: Irena Gordon

2013 "(Not) Still life",Artist House Tel-Aviv, curators: Dalia Danon, Nir Harmat

2013 "Pushtyt", Beit Ha’ir , Tel Aviv Town Hall

2013 "Mas Sfataim", Hchava Gallery Holon, curator: Gay Morag

2012 "Autumn Winds", Artist House, Tel-Aviv, curator:Gili A. Danon

2012 "Experiment Tools", Tamy House, Tel-Aviv, curator: Carmit Blumenzon

2009 "Not necessarily womanish"' Piramida art gallery' Haifa, curated by Sirly Meshulam 2009 "Arte Zachen" Haachava Gallery, Holon

2009 "Embroiding with needle,weaving with paintbrush" ShohamArt  Gallery,Tel-Aviv

2008 "Selective Memory", curator Aviha Mamon' Dweek Gallery,

Mishkenot Shaananim, Jerusalem.

2008 "Bread and Roses "Minshar Ar tSchool

2008 "In the shadow of the Holocaust",Israely Artists, Manna Gallery, Budapest, Curated by Dr. Batia Brutin, Peter Wilhelm Art Project.

2008 "Dream Home", (Installation), The Domestic in current art practice, Curated by Mary Pridmore, Plimsoll Gallery, The University of Tasmania, Australia

2008 "Souvenirs",(Installation), Repressed Historical and Personal Memory in the works of Israeli and Polish Artists, The Art Galleries, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Curators: Ms. Teresa    Smiechowska, prof. H. Finkelstein, Prof. H. Maor

2008 "Strata of Memory", Israeli artist "Second Generation" of the Holocaust,

Artist Pavilion Gallery, Tel – Aviv.

2007 "Oh,My homeland", Artist Pavilion Gallery, Tel – Aviv.

2006 "Rachel's Tomb through the ages", The Art Workshop Gallery,Yvne

2005 " Dans Leurs Mains",Paris Municipality, Paris

2005 "Team Work", Kalisher Gallery, Tel-Aviv, installation

2005 "spring exhibition", Cite International Des Arts, Paris

2005 “Engage”, Municipal Art Gallery Kfar-Saba

2004 "The Puppet Show", curator: Gideon Ofrat, Time for Art Israeli Art Center, Tel Aviv

2003 "Alien Seedling”, Yanko Dada Museum of art, Ein-Hod.

2003 " Sailing", Bat-Yam Museum of Art. (Installation).

2002 “Lying within the skin", The Kiryat Tivon Memorial Center Art

Gallery, Municipal Art Gallery Kfar Saba.

2000 “On thin Rope”, Bat-Yam Art Museum, (Installation).

1998 “Portraits in Israeli Art”, Bat-Yam Art Museum, (Installation).

1996 “Enlightenment”, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv.

1994 “Through the Lattice”, Tower of David Museum, Jerusalem   (Installation).

1994 “From Within”, Ramat-Gan Museum of Art.

1994 “Ta-Aseia” Artist Pavilion Gallery, Tel – Aviv. (Installation).

1994 “Artist-Teacher-Artist”, Avni institute Tel Aviv. (Installation).

1993 “Woman Candidate”, Neve Ilans Gallery.

1993 “4 Privet Incidents”, Municipal Gallery Rehovot.

1992 “Object of Desire“, Bat-Yam Museum of Art.

1992 “Two Dimension/Three dimension”, Israel’s Festival, Jerusalem.

1991 Alternative art spaces, Tel-Avi

1991 “Monument in en Enclosed space "Artist Pavilion. Gallery, Tel – Aviv.



1991 “Small Dimensions”, Artist Pavilion Gallery, Tel - Aviv.

1997 “Horizontal”, beds in Israeli Art Gallery, Tel -Aviv, Arad Art Museum

2008 "Crowdedness", Installations, Municipal Art Gallery Kfar-Saba



 2016 The Ministry of Culture Award 2016

2005 Cite International Des Arts, Paris

2000 exhibition award Artist House 2000



"The Texture of Life" - An exhibition of 15 handmade books created by Palestinian and Israeli bereaved women presenting the milestones of their lives in an artistic way. The visitors to the exhibition could also read the text that was set next to each book telling the story of the woman who made the book. This project was led by the artist Dvora Morag.

1998 “No more woman’s killings” Installation in front of Tel-Aviv Cinematheque, Sponsored by Tel Aviv municipality.

1995 “Sculpture in the street, Frug St. Tel-Aviv.



1971-1980 M.SC biology, Ben-Gorion University.

1987-1989 Art studies at Bat-Yam art institute.

1989 Chinese brush painting, wood carving, Seoul Korea.

1989 – 1991 Studied at the Art Teachers’ Training College, Ramt Hasharon, Israel.

2007 Tel Aviv University, PhD studies.



1993 – 2000 Teacher at “Avni” art institute, Tel-Aviv.

2003-2011 Teaching art: The College of Technological Studies, Tel Aviv

2008 Manager of workshops, and teaching art at The College of Technological Studies, Tel Aviv

2011-2017 teaching sculpture in the art faculty in Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and The Art

Beit Halochem Tel-Aviv, Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization.

Lives and works in Tel-Aviv.

Selected Press

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2019 Portfolio Magazine - https://www.prtfl.co.il/archives/111950

2015 - Erev Rav - https://www.erev-rav.com/archives/38207