To Move  or not to Move

Talking Heads 2014

Talking Heads, 2014, (82x130x55 c"m)

Once upon a time we were children

Once Upon a Time We Were Childrens

1999, trycycle wrapt with burlap

Flight, 2014, assemblage, 90x15x12 c"m

Flight, 2014, assemblage, (90x15x12 c"m)

She-Angel of History, 2000-2014,wood sculpture, objects, engine, threads, 240x60x55 c"m

She-Angel of History, 2000-2014,

(240x60x55 c"m)

Wood sculpture, objects, engine,


Vanity, 2014, assemblage175x52x32 c"m

Vanity, 2014, (175x52x32c"m)


Table head, 2000-2014, mixed media, 150x88x23c"m

Table Head, 2000-2014, wood and objects

(150x88x23 c"m)

Talking Heads 2014