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In this series  I use books found lying around, and deals with the complex relation between visual images and the written word. Language, values ​​and culture imprinted in us from early childhood by stories, legends and myths that shape our mind.


"Morag shows the canonical writing, captured in thousands of tomes, as an act of gender oppression. Using a random collection of books that were thrown into the street she is building a large installation composed entirely of words. She cites mythological figures such as Venus or Leda (who raped by Zeus). The figures are winding to the books through their hair. Clench of the mythical women to patriarchal myths written in books is reinforced by the sexual meanings attributed by the hair in the Jewish tradition ("woman's hair- pubic "). Although in the installation the books household as objects, the book even as an object signifies knowledge and learning." 

- Dr.Dalia Markovitsh.

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