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Line by Line

The paintings "line by line", are based on a set of rules: the painting begins recording in black and white, which I process logic computers binary. 

The color lines are made by hand with oil or acrylic paint. Painting is made ​​up of vertical lines alternately light and dark.

The image emerges from the contraction and expansion of the lines; these paintings have no background; they are composed of interactions between two opposing elements shadow and light. 

There is always a 'third element' - light image as a point of attraction, a question mark. Constant motion of erasure and construction of two worlds. The stripe is a structure that repeats infinitely. The part is as good as the whole, structure takes over the form, and we get the extraordinary plasticity.

This technique of painting creates a strong presence of the filter through which I perceive reality and store it in memory.

By drawing lines with a fine brush the painting marking accumulates, operating as signs of time and produce the memory of the act of painting.

"The stripe is a rhythmic, dynamic, narrative surface that indicates action, the passage from one state to another

Strips are about order and disorder.

The structure has become the figure, and the figure no longer seems able to be fixed to any base. The strip no longer stops the eye, it is too effervescent to do that. It clarifies and obscures the view, disturbs the mind' confuses the senses." ( Michel Pastoureau, The Devil's Cloth, Columbia University Press)

Confrontation with the optical limit is a vivid reminder of the blindness.

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