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Local Fairy Tale ​

The Local Fairy Tale installation consists of two main features: an architectural construction that hangs from the ceiling and is made of jute farms, and a collection of hybrid objects - placed on lighted shelves, or inside light boxes. Morag created an imaginary space, which looks like an ancient ritual site, or a fantastic experimental laboratory of an alchemist

The installation was developed and built in dialogue with the the Beit Henkin Nature Museum - a relic from the early days of the state, located in Moshav Kfar Yehoshua in the Jezreel Valley

The work itself combines materials and practices taken from the worlds of alchemy, architecture, and art.

In the background are the voices of the veterans of the moshav, conveying conflicting versions about the tragic myth of the local eagle. All of these were put together into a "local tale," a fantasy of memories from lost worlds.

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