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Family Package​

"Family package" series is based on "readymades", which are wrapped and hand stitched tightly with burlap; a fabric originally used as sacks for transferring dry food ingredients. Social labor dwells in it.

The burlap sacks bear various associations and metaphors in the Israeli-Jewish society: In the biblical era it was used as a mourning gown, its color echoes the desert landscape and summer dryness. In the 50th, 60th it was used for local decorative design. Till today it is a signifier for war; piles of sacks filled with sand have been used for military fortification in war time.


In the "Family package" installation, the burlap acts as if it was an additional skin: it both reveals and conceals. It emphasizes the object's morphology but hides its nature. It covers, separates, hides, and protects feelings, desires and fantasies. The result is elusive and enigmatic, like memory.

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