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Slip of the Tongue

The small works are hybrids of small objects I had in my studio,( such as small boxes and wheels), leftovers  of my pervious art works, fragments of things I found in the way ( piano fragments and other things), photos and postcards. The different fragments are joined with resins, glue, wire, binding, screwing.

Although the crossbreeding creates a new object it still caries the original identity and the fragment's history.

Every work is like visual word or sentence synthesized of fragments. The syntax in the gallery space comes out as a broken speech.

The leftovers that composed the works are signs to the lives they were thrown from. My works are not about the objects I use but about the way my interest meet objects. The small scale works are originated from life, expresses my perception of fusing between inner privet life and the difficult political and social events that together build up the current Israeli existence.

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