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Burlap ​

The act of enfolding the objects in burlap emphasized by the patient hand made seams and endowed with deep affective charge. the striped burlap fabric seems to act like human skin, which both conceals and protect. Morag creates imaginary places, inhabited by allegorical, elusive and enigmatic forms.

LANDSCAPE , a monumental installation composed by two hundred sandbags over which Fernando Pessoa's poems are inscribed

In a profound dialogue with the architectural space, her allegories seem to materialize in multiple forms. The suspended objects lose their materiality and their previous functionality, gravitating like ghosts from the past that  burst into the present, but they are still a part of us or a remembrance of what we were.


An un existing  dining table, ready to host 36 people,  suspended by hundreds strands. the dishes, glasses, platters, the cutlery all wrapped in burlap and arrange neatly, make guess of the  absent table. 
The dinner table is central element of the house order. It is a symbol of
gathering, meeting and eating. It represents the social order in the family cell.
The hovering table presents the possibility of change in the social order. 
"Set Table" refers also to the "Shulchan Aruch" which is a compendium of those areas of the halachah -- Jewish religious law -- that are applicable today which composed by Rabbi Yosef Karo of Safed (Israel) in the 1560's , it calls for double meaning that comes together with my work to create a subversion meaning.

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