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The Ecorche​​

The "Ecourche' – flaying" series is composed of large scale fabric figures made from only one white cotton sheet, folded and hand stitched which hover between sculpture and drawing revealing the textile qualities: tactility, flexibility and  foldability .No doubt, stitching is my Mother Tongue.

Solo exhibition "Children, Children, please come home", gesture to the Israeli artist and dolls maker Edith Samuel/ Municipal Art  Gallery, Rishon-Le-Zion.

The sculptures were created by wrapping the fabric around the body, folding stitching and peeling which result in emptied suspended sloughing. These characters have become ghosts of my childhood.

It raises the interest question about the body surface-skin as the place where identity is formed and assigned.  I find myself continuing to deal with the issue concern the depth of the surface.

I am interested in the way the past intervenes the present.

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